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Horse breeding

Horse breeding


At our stud, we breed horses of our own lineage (4539), as well as the acquired maternal lineages 275 and 318 d2.


What is more, we also breed with a few sport mares from other stud-books.



Lineage 4539


This maternal lineage originated at the Köhncke stud. The dam Aera by Norsius was the origin of the lineage 4539. Her great-granddaughter Gangsterin by Markgraf allowed it to expand more and more. Herself successful in sport up to the M level, this dam also gave birth to 13 foals, many of whom were successful up to the S level, in show jumping as well as in dressage. Now, her daughters Cesta by Sorgenbrecher xx and Dinant by Akkord ensure, through their descendants, the success and expansion of this maternal lineage. Today, show jumping horses such as Collin and Lordano can tie in with the success of Chin Chin as representative of this lineage. No less than eight stallions approved by German “Verbände” originated from it.





Bedeutende Nachkommen dieses Stammes aus unserer Zucht:


Chin Chin by Constant a.d. Larese Show jumping individual 5th at the
Olympic games in Seoul
Champion by Calypso I a.d. Larese Internationally successful dressage horse
Legato by Leander a.d. Dinant Stallion approved in Hessen
Libertino I by Landgraf I a.d. Badendorferin Stallion approved in Holstein,
internationally successful show jumping horse
Libertino II by Landgraf I a.d. Badendorferin Stallion approved in Holstein
Lordano by Lord a.d. Varese Stallion approved in Holstein
Collin by Contender a.d. Elegante Top auction horse and internationally successful
show jumping horse
Goldstern by Contender a.d. Zarese Internationally successful show jumping horse
Cordobes I by Contender a.d. Dinant II Stallion approved in Westfalen
Cordobes II by Contender a.d. Dinant II Stallion approved in Westfalen
Lord Chin by Lord a.d. D-Chinett Stallion approved in Bayern


Lineage Stamm 4539 (PDF-file).


Lineage 275


When Graf Kielmannsegg gave up horse breeding in 1981, Hans-Jürgen Köhncke was able to purchase the dam Eva by Ladykiller xx, full sister of the stallion Landgraf, as well as her daughter Oda by Farnese. This worthy lineage is nowadays perpetuated in Badendorf with Oda's two daughters, Eva-Maria by Constant and Feline by Contender.


Significant offspring of this lineage in our stud:


Claudio's Son by Claudio a.d. Feline Stallion approved in Holstein
Chacon by Contender a.d. Eva-Maria Stallion approved in Holstein


Lineage Stamm 275 ( PDF-file).


Lineage 318 d2


In Badendorf, the Ramzes daughter Basar was the origin of this maternal lineage expanded in Holstein. This blood line is perpetuated in Badendorf through her daughters Causa by Constant and Urfa by Capitol I.



Significant offspring of this lineage in our stud:

Landcap by Landgraf a.d. Urfa Stallion approved inn Bayern
Carlos by Contender a.d. Causa International show jumping horse,
with Markus Renzel

Lineage Stamm 318 d2 (PDF-file).

Other dams

The dam Her Highness, by Sir Shostakovich xx/Constant, is the granddaughter of Kalinka, by Vollkorn. The latter was the full sister of Volturno, famous in Oldenburg.